Chekkt raises $1.25M to help you find the right SaaS for your business



Chekkt, an Israeli startup company and developer of a Marketplace for SaaS business products recently completed seed round of funding for $1.25M. The round was led by a San Diego based VC firm called Israel Tech Trust, who invested about $1M in the company. The rest of the amount came from Pikadon Tech, Laurent queen’s Wingate Ventures, Nicholas Pariente’s Broadway Partners, ValueShine Ventures private Israeli investor Emilio Maimon.

Helping businesses find the right software

Chekkt was founded in 2012 to provide a solution to one of the central problems facing Small Businesses in the Internet age. In recent years, with the range of SaaS solutions growing significantly, small businesses who want to use various tools such as accounting services, online campaign management services, analytics and other services, don/t really know how to find them and how to know what service best fits their needs.

In an Interview with Geektime, co-founder and CEO Uri Manor explained that Chekkt’s solution enables companies of any size to purchase cloud based software relevant to their business needs in an easy and convenient fashion, “Our clientele are Internet companies who sell or buy SaaS products of various types and we actually accompany them along their journey, starting from product browsing, feature analysis, product comparisons and on through to their purchase. “

The SaaS Marketplace in which Chekkt is competing is still not considered saturated, but today there are several competitors starting to show nice numbers in terms of user base and application sales such as GetApp and In addition to the various private Marketplaces, each of the large companies (Microsoft, Google, SalesForce, etc.) have their own independent marketplace for ecosystems of applications that run on their platform and\or connect to their applications.

Photo Credit: Screenshot from Chekkt website
Photo Credit: Screenshot from Chekkt website

“When you get all of these sites, what you see before you are application categories. Most business owners are seeing a long list of programs from a particular category, with a large number of features at different prices, and they don’t really know what is right for them. We take a slightly different approach and say that before facing the customer, you have to first understand who the customer is and what they do; are they a large or small company and things like that. According to the details that the customer uploads about themselves we can know to recommend the most suitable applications for their business model, both in terms of features and in terms of price, “explains Manor.

“In addition, we have built into Chekkt a Rating mechanism based on CrowdSourcing intended to help customers understand if the product is really good or not. Unlike the B2C market, in the world of B2B it’s hard for customers to know whether they’re getting a good product for their money, and our feedback mechanisms allows our community to rate the various services so that everyone knows what’s good and what’s not compared to the other products and features that are out there.”

1/3 of the Portfolio

the story behind Chekkt is an odd bird as far as startups go. The company was originally founded by Valueshine Ventures. Valueshine is a kind of hybrid operation between a group of investors and a startup incubator who together have managed to fill their portfolio with no more than two other startup companies to this day .

In the case of Chekkt, Valueshine’s Uri Manor who runs the day to day of the company, joined Noam Simckes and Emilio Cohen from Pikadon-Tech and Emilio Maimon. Presently, the company has around 6 employees working from its offices in Tel Aviv, Israel who are working on the first version of the product expected to be launched towards the end of the year.



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