Retargeting app Remerge scores $3M in Series A


Do not let anyone tell you that adtech is dead. In fact, it is following you everywhere. Berlin-based ad-retargeting firm Remerge has announced that they have grabbed a $3 million infusion from Point Nine Capital and other investors. With the fresh infusion of cash, the company is planning to open a new office in San Francisco.

Remerge takes ad-retargeting, a growing trend in digital marketing, and attempts to extend new ads across different apps. Retargeting allows websites to have follow-up ads appear on websites their past customers or leads visit later. It is used not just for retention, but to expose the brand to new customers who may have happened onto the site while perusing options for purchases.

“We are thrilled to see our customers achieve such great results via our technology-heavy approach to app retargeting, said company co-founder and CEO Pan Katsukis, who added the funds will go to supporting its new US operations and to fine-tune its tech.”

Challenges of reaching out across the app space

The company touts 39 corporate clients, including Foodpanda, Product Madness and Funstage,and Rocket Internet  according to their press release. The company uses a “global programmatic app-to-app retargeting infrastructure” to reach consumers across more than 330,000 apps. The company’s software can segment users according to visitors who have made a purchase, downloaded the app and the date of their last use of that given app. Remerge processes 1.3 trillion bid requests per month, according to CrunchBase

Display advertising online has begun to give way to retargeting in digital marketing, which has a focus on the customer base and zeroing in on people who have demonstrated at least some interest in a product directly, rather than working with demographic metrics alone.

Retargeting has also irritated some consumers because it alerts them to the reality that companies are gathering their personal preference data. Some marketers might see future options to retarget according to device IDs or even fingerprints, which also raises eyebrows among consumers.

Facing off against the competition

Remerge enters a crowded industry that includes companies like Adroll (perhaps the most renown), Perfect Audience, Chango, Triggit, Criteo, Fetchback, ReTargeter and of course Google. Platforms like Google and Facebook can easily track users across devices when they are using their profiles. This can be a boon for advertisers since consumers may see an ad on their phone, but are more likely to buy on their laptop. Follow-up ads in apps is a new endeavor however, as the majority of the industry focuses on websites, then email and search retargeting.

Besides Point Nine, other investors included VC Fonds Technologie Berlin, WestTech Ventures and the German Startups Group.

The company was co-founded in 2014 in Germany by CEO Pan Katsukis, CFO Benedikt Böhm, VP of Engineering Christian Wolter, CTO Martin Karlsch, and CRO Benjamin Beivers who will lead the new US marketing team in the San Francisco office.


Photo Credit: Remerge


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