Taboola ups its reporting innovation with New York Daily News


Content discovery platform Taboola has just added the New York Daily News to a list of major corporate clients referring users between websites. They join AOL, MSN and German newspaper Die Welt as one of the company’s major publishing partners.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or not finishing your news articles), you know that Taboola touts software that uses predictive algorithms to analyze hundreds of signals in real time about what content users might want to click on.

It’s worth noting that the Daily News (which you should not confuse with the New York Post) also manages Daily News Digital Solutions and the Innovation Lab (@DailyNewsLab) out of New York City. The Lab hosts a series of events called Conversations, including the upcoming “VR in Immersive Storytelling: What’s Worked and What’s Next” on March 9. They have worked with two startups so  far: Datavisual, Inc. and Optimera, the latter founded by Daily News vet Keith Candiotti.

“Our team is heavily invested in digital, and like many online publishers, we’re confronted with the challenge of serving many different types of audiences throughout the day,” said Grant Whitmore, Executive VP of Digital at NY Daily News. “This new collaboration with Taboola goes beyond content recommendations to rethink the entire on-site user experience, and we look forward to developing new strategies around personalization that increase engagement from our readers and generate substantial new revenue streams for our company.”

Taboola expands its offerings to publishers

The partnership should help Taboola keep its advantage against Outbrain, as the Daily News reports over 46 million unique views per month. It will also be a chance for Taboola to hit the ground running with a number of new offerings, including A/B testing solution Taboola Newsroom, white-label discovery platform Taboola Native, and audience segmentation app Taboola Full Page Personalization. The service boasts over 300 billion content recommendations per month to 750 million unique users.

“As audiences continue to disperse across different devices and platforms, it becomes crucial to empower the entire publisher organization, including editorial, product, in-house sales, and marketing teams. We’re honored to partner with a forward-thinking company like NY Daily News who is so dedicated to that mission and innovation,” said Taboola Founder and CEO Adam Singolda. “With ever-stronger social platforms threatening publishers’ audience and revenue, these are critical times to innovate on the platform front, using discovery technology to grow audience, engagement and revenue. We could not be more excited to explore these kinds of projects and more with Grant and his team.”

Taboola is managed by Founder & CEO Adam Singolda, President & COO Eldad Manuv, CFO David Aber and CTO Lior Golan.



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