A mobile charger and electrical socket for any device: Introducing Omnicharge


All of us already have a mobile charger for our smartphone, but what about our laptop and our camera? Most of today’s portable chargers are good mainly for supplying a smartphone. There are a number of alternatives on the market for charging a laptop, for example, but these solutions are large and awkward, and uncomfortable to drag around everywhere.

To address this need, Omnicharge is a mobile charger that comes with a smart system for managing electricity consumption. It will charge not only your smartphone, but also your laptop, DSLR or GoPro camera, drone, and even a fan or lamp.

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Omnicharge comes in a basic version with a 13,600 mAh battery (65W maximum output) and a bigger version with a 20,400 mAh battery (100W maximum output), so that you will be able to charge almost any electrical device anywhere. Where performance is concerned, the charger’s maximum capacity is up to 13 hours of work on a laptop, charging a DSLR camera 4-6 times, charging a smartphone no fewer than nine times, eight recharging cycles for a tablet, and three hours of television time.

Because the charger is universal, almost any cable can charge it, including those for a laptop, speaker, or child’s remote control toy car. The charger also includes two USB ports, so that you can also power it using a laptop.

As noted, there is a smart electricity consumption management system that automatically identifies the device hooked up to it, and regulates the charging power to obtain the most efficient performance for that specific device (because every electrical device requires a different charging power). If both your laptop and your camera need charging at the same time, it is not a problem: Omnicharge allows you to charge three devices simultaneously, even when it is itself being charged.

The company asserts that if the charger is used every day, the battery will last 2-3 years. Incidentally, the charger comes with a type A electrical outlet, which is used primarily in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, so you will probably have to use an adaptor if you live outside of North America.

This intriguing product, which certainly sounds useful, was launched in the framework of a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform with the aim of raising $50,000, an amount that was raised within a single day. As of now, with 22 dyas left before the end of the campaign, $335,173 has been raised from 2,224 supporters. The price of the basic (13,600 mAh) charger in a preorder is $99, while the large version (20,400 mAh) is currently being offered for $129, nearly a 50% discount (both don’t include delivery). The planned delivery date is in October 2016.    


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