Strigy wants to personalize your VR experience


The technology sector has already realized the importance of video, and it seems that there is not a single segment of it that has not been researched and analyzed.

Nevertheless, virtual reality (VR), which has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years, still includes more than a few opportunities and challenges to chew on. Strigy has developed technology that collects and analyzes viewing data for the purpose of improving the experience in both its technical and content aspects. The system can discern what the user is looking at every moment.

A short pitch: What does the company do?

A: Strigy develops technology for analyzing viewing patterns in augmented reality (AR) and VR content and optimizing the viewing experience in them.

A slightly more thorough explanation

A: Strigy provides personalized immersive experiences for media such as VR and AR. The company collects data about users’ viewing and interests, and uses them to help improve both the content and technology of their experiences.

For example, VR files are enormous, and weigh between 10 to 100 times as much as ordinary video files. It is therefore impossible to send them in high quality online. Strigy adapts the relevant parts according to the viewers’ interests, thereby making it possible to transfer high-quality content.

Q: What stage have you reached?

A: The product is in a closed beta stage with selected customers, including a large content platform, a large appliances manufacturer, and a cable provider’s VR app. The solution is designed for all end-user devices and all VR platforms, including those from HTC Vive, GearVR, Oculus, DayDream, Cardboard, and Sony.

Q: Who are your competitors?

A: The VR market is young and thirsty for solutions, especially for content. The current market leaders are closed platforms generating solutions for their needs (such as YouTube and Facebook). In other words, as of now, there are no good technological products enabling content distributors to appeal directly to the end customers.

Q: How do you plan to make money?

A: Strigy is a company for businesses (B2B) with end users. The business model is built on the pay as you grow principle, according to the quantity of content used by our customers and the number of their users. In the closed beta stage, Strigy is already serving tens of thousands of end customers with hundreds of thousands of viewings.

Q: Have you already received investments? How many? Who invested?

A: The company has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Cornerstone Venture Partners fund (led by Hanan Brand, a partner in the fund). The company is also running a pilot at Samsung.

Strigy founders Guy Zisman and Roi Oron Photo Credit: Strigy PR
Strigy founders Guy Zisman and Roi Oron Photo Credit: Strigy PR

Q: Who are the company founders?

A: CEO Roi Oron and CTO Guy Zisman founded Strigy in 2016. They previously cooperated in founding Groovideo, which created group video films. The entrepreneurial team has business and technological experience at companies such as Wochit, Seambi, Kaltura, and Tvinci. Strigy also has senior advisors with a great deal of relevant experience in the field.

Q: How many employees do you have? Where are your offices?

A: The company has four employees. Its offices are in the Poleg industrial zone.

Check out Strigy’s demo video

Strigy is taking part in the Startup Arena, Geektime’s startup competition taking place for the ninth consecutive year in the framework of the Geektime Conference. Past participants include companies such as Kaltura, Cyactive, and SalesPredict, among others. The 2016 Startup Arena competition this year is sponsored by Altshuler Shaham Benefits.


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