Microsoft CEO discloses: We’re working on the ultimate smartphone


Something good has unquestionably been happening to Microsoft in recent years. To be more precise, in the two and a half years since Satya Nadella took over as CEO. After falling asleep at the wheel for quite a few years, this once lackluster company has finally remembered what made it great, and proven that it is pretty hip after all. At the same time, Microsoft has not yet made its mark in the mobile market. The company refuses to give up, and keeps on making more and more devices, but its market share has remained small. Mr. Nadella appears ready to change that.

Microsoft isn’t giving up

In an interview with Australian journal, the Financial Review, Nadella said that the company would continue its efforts in the mobile market, but not necessarily along the path followed by today’s leading manufacturers. Microsoft wants to offer something special, a device that will bring something different to the table. Their overriding goal is to eventually introduce the “ultimate smartphone.”

“We don’t want to be driven by just envy of what others have. The question is what we can bring,” Nadella said in the interview.

Two months ago, Microsoft published a summary of the quarter ending in September. The report did not state how many of its Lumia devices the company had sold. What is did say was that its profits from smartphone sales plummeted 72% (for the sake of comparison, its profits in this category plunged 71% in the preceding quarter). In view of these figures, it will certainly be interesting to see what, if anything, the company is planning for us. Quite a few critics have called on Microsoft to abandon its efforts and focus on what it does best. It is quite likely that those very critics are motivating the company to prove itself. There can be no doubt that where momentum is concerned, if Microsoft launches its own new smartphone soon, it has the potential to be a great success, at least in comparison to its previous efforts.


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