Introducing the DroneGun – a terrifying bazooka against drones


Last year, it was hoverboards. This year, one of the most desirable Christmas presents seems to be some kind of drone. A drone is unquestionably quite an impressive gift.

Those flying cameras, however, also have a slightly less photogenic aspect – they can cause substantial damage to human beings.

Now that these drones have become desirable for many people, numerous companies are beginning to come up with solutions against them. One of these, Australian-American company DroneShield, has developed an anti-drone rifle that can be used at ranges of up to two kilometers.

A friendly and focused weapon

There are quite a few systems in the market today designed to shoot down errant or dangerous drones. Their obvious drawback, however, is the fact that the shooter must be fairly close to the drone. If the aircraft is carrying an explosive, for example, this task is liable to be dangerous. Here DroneShield has come to the rescue with the DroneGun, a rifle that can disable the drone’s signals (including GPS and the GLONASS navigation system) at ranges of up to two kilometers. The company claims that its rifle instantly jams video broadcasts on the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequencies. Like the existing solutions, the rifle does not destroy the drone; it forces the drone to land in the same place from which it took off. In other words, not only does the rifle neutralize the threat, but it can also be used to locate the drone operator.

As seen in the picture, the rifle’s dimensions make it hard to overlook. Since it can be connected to a backpack, however, it should be easy to carry. It can be operated with no preparation or technical study. One person is enough to control it.

The gun actually looks quite friendly. Despite the DroneGun’s “quality assurance,” however, whether and when it will be used is still unknown. As of now, the FCC has not yet approved it, and its sale or use in the US (other than by the United States government and its agencies) is therefore illegal.    


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