Sony PlayStation launches Liverpool coding camp for girls interested in making games


Sony will launch a new coding bootcamp for girls interested in technology and the video gaming industry, an initiative that is sure to catch the attention of different segments of the tech world.

The camp will be organized by Liverpool Girl Geeks in Liverpool, England and officially sponsored by Sony’s PlayStation division. The program will try to recruit an estimated 400 girls between 11 and 14 years old.

“There is a gender imbalance within our technology sector and we need to take action now to ensure a more balanced and inclusive industry for the future,” said PlayStation senior release manager Michelle Tilley, addressing a larger effort by many in the startup world to get more women behind the computer and into critical software and engineering positions.

“The games industry is an amazing place to work so we should actively encourage young women to join it by inspiring, championing and empowering them to achieve their dreams,” she added.

While this coding camp is targeted towards girls, it’s difficult to imagine Sony is unaware of how programs like this would hopefully impact issues such as sexism in gaming (for example, Gamergate). One can dream that the more women who end up behind the writing desk at gaming studios, the more heated, gaming-centered women’s issues will become a thing of the past.

Jo Morfee, director at Liverpool Girl Geeks, was optimistic that her organization’s efforts would take off now with such a massive team up. “We believe that our teen programmes are an essential part of the longer term strategy to tackle the current gender imbalance and skills gap in the technology sector.”

“The digital and tech sector is continuously evolving and as a result there are so many fantastic job opportunities out there. These girls are the future of tech and it is so rewarding to be able to work with them closely to inspire and support them into the industry.”


  1. The only relevance I can see in relating sexism in gaming to GG is by the level of ass pain certain bloggers continue to have when they get called out for their various agendas while covering it.

    I notice that none of you guys have covered the FBI closing the case on GG as no harassment could be linked to it’s supporters. Strange, that. Now I wait to be accused of sexism for this call out.

  2. This is a pretty cool story, although I’m not sure what Gamergate has to do with sexism in gaming. Their most significant act was raising $70,000 for a feminist game development charity. (See: The Fine Young Capitalists)


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