From Israel to Cary: Salesforce leads $20 million investment in North Carolina ’employee service’ company Samanage


Plenty of people talk about improving customer service, but few and far between focus the conversation on “employee service” and helping teams within their own company do their jobs and solve problems they encounter. Samanage is one of those few, and Salesforce Ventures just rewarded them for their efforts by leading a $20 million investment

Samanage is an IT desk company that handles internal communications between departments and a company’s IT team. The company’s flagship software is called simply Samanage Service Desk, Enterprise Edition and is available on the SalesForce AppExchange.

Samanage Founder and CEO Doron Gordon bases the company’s headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, but the round reflects the founder’s Israeli roots in that other investors included Herzliya-based venture capital firms Carmel Ventures, Gemini Israel Ventures, Marker LLC, and Vintage Investment Partners.

“The modern enterprise can now run all service interactions, with customers, employees, field service and vendors, all in one place inside the Salesforce Service Cloud,” Gordon writes on the company website. “There truly can be a single platform for service providers across an organization, imbuing businesses with the agility to move at an entirely new speed. That’s what is really exciting about this partnership between Samanage and Salesforce.”

Salesforce Ventures recently took part in investments for MapAnything ($33.1 million), Pendo ($20 million) and Toulouse-based SIGFOX’s €150 million Series E. Salesforce has invested in many third party app providers in the past, usually as a vote of confidence that the technology they provide improves the experience of using Salesforce itself.In this case, Samanage Service Desk is “driven” by Salesforce Lightning’s internal employee communications function. As the

In this case, Samanage Service Desk is “driven” by Salesforce Lightning’s internal employee communications function. As the kitschy term “employee service” implies, Samanage sees itself as helping “treat employees like your best customers and give them a superior service experience.” They cite ServiceNow and Zendesk as their primary competitors.

“At Salesforce Ventures, we’re fueling the next generation of innovative technology within the Salesforce ecosystem,” said John Somorjai, EVP of Corporate Development and Salesforce Ventures, Salesforce. “With companies like Samanage, we can extend the power of the Salesforce platform, making our customers even more successful.”

Cary isn’t as renown as NC’s other cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro, but it is home to a growing technology hub. Major companies there include the SAS Institute, 3Dsolve which produces software training simulations for the military, Epic Games, and 1,700 Verizon employees.





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