The round indicates investor demand for personalized advertising campaigns is growing
Their program automatically writes emails to new leads, built on 'powerful' language processing algorithms
With vBrand’s solution, you can scan TV channels and social networks 24/7, and automatically detect every time a brand appears in a video clip or picture. This produces real time brand exposure statistics without requiring a battalion of observers
Chorus is just the latest company to try to bring analytics and linguistic analysis to the world of sales
Using speech patterns to create emotional analytics for marketing research companies and call centers, the Israeli startup has major implications for science
The Israeli company has over a billion users each month. Taiwanese sources said the acquisition price was in the tens of millions of dollars
Israeli company Somoto is acquiring Meme Video, another Israeli outfit – and its third acquisition over the past two years
Revcontent's push toward more precise recommendations is their best bet to dethrone Outbrain and Taboola
It's the second startup in a week with an eight-digit round that creates automatic custom ads for every visiting customer online
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