Microsoft Translator is determined to cut into Google Translate's market, also introducing offline translation mode and inline translation as a new option for copying and pasting text on phones
Google Translate offers 103 languages, but rival services and apps have added machine translation for some others
Here's what to look out for in the year ahead
Google's update will give you 200 relevant stories from across the news spectrum in what should show up competitor Facebook
The Russian search giant doesn't get attention in the US like other European and Asian internet companies do, letting news of its own projects slip through the cracks
The Israeli-developed platform offers freelancers from around the world, available at any time, to provide professional troubleshooting services for websites and apps
Zebra capitalizes on Israel's strong computer vision industry and automates medical diagnoses computed by looking at x-rays, MRIs, and other scans
The partnership will mean students studying advanced translation will get access to top-notch tools
The new additions bring the total to 103 languages Google Translate now offers, including Pashto and Xhosa. The languages should be up in a few days.
This field will have profound effects on the way companies write TV shows, design computers, and analyze spoken language