US police departments have been forced to get warrants to track vehicles, but courts have been split on tracking cell phones
Opening up a new front in the machine translation wars, Xerox is now giving people the ability to make instant translations from copiers and printers. Just watch.
Zebra capitalizes on Israel's strong computer vision industry and automates medical diagnoses computed by looking at x-rays, MRIs, and other scans
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E8 is banking on speeding up storage for companies dealing with huge amounts of data, and their investors are hedging
Biometric authentication is advancing quickly, with talk about new methods in the works to restrict and permit access to devices and accounts
Whether you are attending Google I/O or just a conference junkie, conference hacking is the best thing you could have asked for.
Using a combination of translation banks and DIY techniques, Skuuper wants to save businesses money on expensive translations
The round comes after a storied 2.5 years of building that included presentations to the White House and the UN