The company hopes to have 100 Halifax-based employees by the end of next year
Kampyle adds a digital arm to Medallia, which is already considered an industry leader in customer experience management
Alphabet's move to upgrade Google Translate really solidifies that at any moment, the nascent world of machine translation startups could be knocked off course
LingoHub is automatically producing multilingual apps by integrating its technology with clients' developer sites and deploying its machine translation technology
The company produces software that provides other companies with data about customers
This dynamic pricing startup is the latest Israeli company to get snatched up in a string of M&As
Using speech patterns to create emotional analytics for marketing research companies and call centers, the Israeli startup has major implications for science
Google hopes to leverage the power of its multilingual user base to build better results in its free services. Here, a multilinguist tries it out
The company’s technology enables businesses to obtain real-time insights about the users’ behavioral patters. New investors in the company include Salesforce
The engine is innovative in that it not only will index the materials used in every experiment, it will also track the frequency and rate at which they are used