StemRad's technology offers the first real protection against gamma rays and acute radiation sickness for emergency responders and astronauts
The new additions bring the total to 103 languages Google Translate now offers, including Pashto and Xhosa. The languages should be up in a few days.
The move is the latest by big tech like Google Translate and Microsoft Translator to shift their machine translation capabilities from written text to spoken word
Jolt's platform hooks you up with professionals who can lecture on different topics
Limited only to 300 essential phrases, it may pave the way for customizing translations for specific purposes
An Israeli team is launching a crowdfunding campaign for its system, which NGOs are already using around the world
It's the first consumer product for dream induction that actually includes EEG technology that can read and record your brain waves
The Israeli startup has developed a smart monitor that analyzes the patterns and quality of an infant’s sleep using advanced computer vision algorithms
This could represent the next big shakeup in the way gemologists grade diamonds