The competition will be a qualifier for the international pitch competition at Startup Tel Aviv 2016 in September
A titan of lab research, Aussie scientists are struggling to transition to an entrepreneurial culture, reluctant to take investments despite hefty offers
Sirris releases new data, including an interactive map, on the growth of Belgian startups
As humans prepare their return to the moon, demand for luna-location and communications is pushing American and European teams to design humanity's first lunar satellite network
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Israeli ILVenture platform announced today its collaboration with CrunchBase, the largest startup database in the world
Investors, journalists and bloggers are abuzz: Should the question of responsibility for who leaked details of a pending acquisition result in a new world order in which the media has no right to publish rumors? Moran Bar takes issue with two posts from Roi Carthy on behalf of Israel’s tech-media. No word yet on the leaker
TappCar's founders see an opening in Uber Alberta's blunders and now the lights aren't the only green they might see
Silicon Valley's prices from Mountain View to Market Street have become unbearable, spreading the seeds of talented startup ecosystems across the western United States
Do you want to know how much your startup is worth? Dutch startup Equidam will give you a valuation and detailed report in 10 minutes