'Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked.'
Israel's innovation hub wrestles a win from its notorious bureaucracy, paving the way for cross-border exchanges of talent and the founding of foreign-owned ventures
ESA is about to open its 11th Business Incubator Centre in the Madrid Region, laying a fabric of space for transferring tech back to humans on the ground
Geektime's CEO discusses the gender differences between how the public received Marissa Mayer's and Mark Zuckerberg's announcements that they are expecting children soon, and wonders which CEO she will be more like
Kerala’s chief minister hopes to revolutionize the region’s economy by 2030
In the last seven years, the mainstream tech media has shaped a reality so distorted and Silicon Valley-obsessed that we miss out on some of the greatest startups out there: It's time for a change.
Investors, journalists and bloggers are abuzz: Should the question of responsibility for who leaked details of a pending acquisition result in a new world order in which the media has no right to publish rumors? Moran Bar takes issue with two posts from Roi Carthy on behalf of Israel’s tech-media. No word yet on the leaker
Israeli ILVenture platform announced today its collaboration with CrunchBase, the largest startup database in the world