As South Asians fill Sweden's tech talent gap, a petition seeks 2,000 more Swedish signatures in effort to keep Dynamo's developer in the country and employed in a case that is setting off alarm bells
According to its S1 filing, Geofilters is a key feature in Snapchat's 2016 revenues and is expected to become even bigger this year.
Meet in Place is a new venture that will allow you to book meeting rooms for 2 to 30 people at an hourly-based rate. Price: from 98 ILS for a classic room with coffee, soda and WiFi connection
Silicon Valley's prices from Mountain View to Market Street have become unbearable, spreading the seeds of talented startup ecosystems across the western United States
Chennai is growing and is too often overlooked in evaluating India's startup economy
Hamburg saw more new startups in 2015 than any year previous, with FinTech a huge employer in the northern German city.
Jaipur is battling with Chennai and Ahmedabad to reach the next tier for startup ecosystems; these companies can help it get there
The company is building LiDAR sensors, typically used in satellites, for use in self-driving cars. Tesla is under heavy criticism for refusing to use such sensors
The smart building market will be worth more than $20 billion in five years
Though not the first such VC, the project in cooperation with the Islamic Development Bank in Saudi Arabia could be a launching pad for focusing on specific ecosystems in the Islamic World