With a focus on the creative teams dictating the direction of the company, Ilkka Paananen sees that as the key to enhancing gaming culture worldwide
Jerusalem isn't dependent on Tel Aviv for money either. The venture capital scene has a mind of its own in the holy city.
Hamburg saw more new startups in 2015 than any year previous, with FinTech a huge employer in the northern German city.
Ghahramani is a titan who might have to draw on his unparalleled expertise to rework Uber's autonomous technology
The Israeli startup that created Inside, an indoor navigation tool, may have a $90M exit even though it has yet to officially launch its product
SoundHound's platform promises to open up the race on voice command technology with Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. Samsung and NVIDIA might be eyeing incorporation into self-driving cars
LingoHub is automatically producing multilingual apps by integrating its technology with clients' developer sites and deploying its machine translation technology
Looking to kickstart their ecosystem, the government passes some interesting legislation
Jerusalem is catching up to Tel Aviv in every way, an miniature rivalry propelling continued Israeli startup growth
Automated legal analysis, AI-applied linguistic assessment, robotic legal filings, and even negotiating agreements: machine lawyers are already here