Israeli startup StreamRail has developed a special video player for advertisers that enables running video much faster than other providers
This is an enormous Israeli acquisition and the fourth exit for serial entrepreneurs Rami Tamir and Benny Schnaider
This would be Huawei's second acquisition of an Israeli company in three weeks
Consolidated Gems’ decision to buy a budding VR content firm raises questions about why they would want a company so different from their normal offerings
The move creates the largest shipping marketplace in the world
With HoneyBook buying AppMyDay for several million dollars, Geektime brings you behind the scenes to see how friendship transformed competitors into partners
The Israeli startup behind a new smart identification solution (Two-Factor Authentication) for end users that uses high frequency sounds as pass keys, is expected to be integrated into Google’s latest user identification security parameters
NNG, responsible for popular navigational app iGO, acquired cyber startup Arilou Technologies, which prevents attacks on connected cars and the Nordic Web find that Germany is increasingly dominant in the European tech scene. Will they catch up to London in every category in 2016?
Corrigon's image recognition technology could make eBay searches a lot easier