The program by PlayStation and Liverpool Girl Geeks might not only address getting more women into the tech sector, but also healing rifts in the gaming world
"If all of a sudden there are huge import [tariffs] on server racks from China or from Eastern Europe . . . that might change our investment decisions."
Microsoft will argue the DOJ is unconstitutionally trying to access private data by subpoenaing Microsoft and its third-party cloud servers
Limited only to 300 essential phrases, it may pave the way for customizing translations for specific purposes
The SpaceX and Uber bosses will fill major gaps left open in Donald Trump's team of advisors on technology
Do you feel like playing Pac-Man or Space Invaders against your friends? Now it’s as easy as sending a message when you do it in Facebook Messenger
'Public Accounts' will allow companies and celebrities to communicate directly with followers
Samsung took a good watch and added a bunch of new features, such as a loudspeaker, LTE connectivity, and payment support. But is it the world's smartest watch?
A mere $1 tax on Uber rides will compensate cabbies who paid $150,000 for their licenses
Zebra's imaging technology could soon expand to cover chests and abdomens, as well as X-rays and MRIs