Israel's innovation hub wrestles a win from its notorious bureaucracy, paving the way for cross-border exchanges of talent and the founding of foreign-owned ventures
Music Messenger, an app that allows friends to share playlists easily, has finished raising a series B funding round led by Roman Abramovich and a variety of celebs and musicians including Nicki Minaj and
Millennials are abandoning the phone call in droves in favor of text messages. Yallo thinks it can bring them back with a lot of bells and whistles
With a simple application, anyone can cheat the vending machine and get drinks, beverages, or anything else they want at the expense of innocent clients
Though it took Facebook a little over a year, we just got a glimpse of what the company's first integration with WhatsApp will look like
On Tuesday, Elon Musk was the smartly scheduled closing and main attraction at the StartmeupHK Venture Forum in Hong Kong. Geektime is reporting live from StartmeupHK all week
The company seeks to end mobile security gaps and lead business users to a promised land of smartphone safety
Fifteen million users wasn’t enough for Duet Media, the developer of app launcher EverythingMe. They announced that they will be shutting the app's doors
Limited only to 300 essential phrases, it may pave the way for customizing translations for specific purposes
Zebra's imaging technology could soon expand to cover chests and abdomens, as well as X-rays and MRIs