NASA wants a satellite orbiting Jupiter's ice moon by the late 2020s. But a little more cash could help them discover possibly life-teeming under-ice ocean
Coming soon: LinX’s camera technology will make your iPhone snapshots look a lot more professional
After a few months of discontent, panic, and prayers, Instagram’s tool for making its visual platform a little more Facebook-esque is getting underway
A stunning photograph that Huawei posted on Google Plus was simply too good to be true. Visitors discovered that the photo was taken with a DSLR camera
Israeli Travel-Light hopes to beat its luggage competition with G-RO, a high-powered, ergonomic, and affordable commuter solution. It's now available on Kickstarter
Forget those expensive and clumsy breathalyzers and meet Skyn, the world’s first alcohol monitoring wristband
CEO Daniel Abrahams tells Geektime that he finds promise in the Israeli fintech scene, pointing to London as the perfect springboard for Big Orange companies
Reports indicate that Google will soon launch an in-house incubator named ‘Area 120’ where company employees could work on projects that interest them full-time
Music Messenger, an app that allows friends to share playlists easily, has finished raising a series B funding round led by Roman Abramovich and a variety of celebs and musicians including Nicki Minaj and
YouTube Red, the new subscription service that gets rid of ads, is launching its original content slate next week with four new movies, and TV series to come